Port of Stavanger, Excavation and Planned Quay at Bjergsted

The Port of Stavanger is one of the largest cruise ports in Norway, receiving around 200 cruise calls per year. However, port capacity is pushed to its limits as more and more large vessels want to approach the port. Additionally, navigational space in the harbour basin is marginal, leaving little manoeuvring room, and other factors such as winds and streams make port approaches particularly difficult..

To cope, the Port of Stavanger is currently investigating the possibility of building a new quay in the Bjergsted area of Stavanger to accommodate the port approach of both large cruise ships and offshore ships better. A critical part of this investigation is identifying whether it is possible for even larger vessels to enter the port safely without making ocean floor excavations.

Please visit our “Operational Test” site for more detailed information on this particular test (and others).

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