The S-102 demonstrator, including functionality and data content, was developed based on feedback from maritime users in the Norwegian Navy and Norwegian Coastal Administration. This development was carried out during an R&D project, supported by the Norwegian Research Council through the MAROFF 1 program.

When the developed and implemented operational tests were underway, huge improvements were shown in the planning and navigation of maritime operations (

Following on from the success of the S-102 Demonstrator the “S-100 Demonstrator”, was established.

One of the main tasks in the new project, is to identify and arrange operational tests, through which we can test and demonstrate the functionality in the tool. The tests will be based on data such as Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs), Bathymetric Data (S-102), Water Level Information (S-104), Surface Currents (S-111) and Under Keel Clearance Management (S-129).

The goal is to carry out tests on all the data types, based on international standards. We strongly believe that S-100 data will be the foundation for new, innovative developments, for safe navigation and navigational planning.

One of the goals of the project is to test the data, and the Demonstrator, in a live environment. Testing in a live environment will enable us to identify value creation and the user needs for this data. To carry out the tests, we also require access to depth data within relevant test areas.

A typical scenario / processes, in connection with an operational test, is the following:

1) Identify test scenario together with users

2) Identify data needed in the test

3) Search process for access to data

4) Identify the need for user functionality in connection with the test

5) Develop S-100 Demonstrator to meet the user requirements

6) Coordinate testing with the operational environment

7) Completion of test

8) Reporting, evaluation and publishing test result