Operational Test S-129 Tjeldsundet

The Tjeldsundet S-129 Operational Test was carried out with the intention of producing several products built around the S-100 Universal Hydrographic Data Model. Using the products in combination, in one application, we were able to demonstrate the advantages of using compatible S-100 products, in particular the S-129 Under Keel Clearance product, in the navigational planning … More Operational Test S-129 Tjeldsundet

Port of Stavanger, Excavation and Planned Quay at Bjergsted

The Port of Stavanger is one of the largest cruise ports in Norway, receiving around 200 cruise calls per year. However, port capacity is pushed to its limits as more and more large vessels want to approach the port. Additionally, navigational space in the harbour basin is marginal, leaving little manoeuvring room, and other factors … More Port of Stavanger, Excavation and Planned Quay at Bjergsted

Pioneering Spirit

The S-100 project were pleased to be able to participate in special operations with the Norwegian Coastal Administration, the Ports in Stavanger and Kristiansand, the Agent, Shipping Company, and the crew of the vessel Pioneering Spirit. Our objectives were to illustrate and visualise possibilities and limitations with more detailed depth data in relevant areas with … More Pioneering Spirit