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Following on from our very successful “S-102 Demonstrator” project, we aim to dive deeper into the world of the new S-100 products!

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Sjøkartkonferansen 2022

S-100 Tjeldsundet presented by Svein Skjæveland, ECC “Sjøkartkonferansen” is an annual conference hosted by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service. At this years conference, ECC were among 8 contributors who had the opportunity to present the status of the industries thoughts relating to digitisation of nautical products and services, and the demands set by the various user … More Sjøkartkonferansen 2022

Maritime Forum Conference 2022

The Maritime Forum brings together the entire Norwegian maritime industry, with over 700 contributors helping to develop a world leading and integrated maritime commerce. The forum allows dialogue between the industry, authorities and educational and research environments, such as shipping companies, ports, government agencies and the Norwegian Maritime Directorate. Electronic Chart Centre (ECC) were privileged … More Maritime Forum Conference 2022

Operational Test S-129 Tjeldsundet

The Tjeldsundet S-129 Operational Test was carried out with the intention of producing several products built around the S-100 Universal Hydrographic Data Model. Using the products in combination, in one application, we were able to demonstrate the advantages of using compatible S-100 products, in particular the S-129 Under Keel Clearance product, in the navigational planning … More Operational Test S-129 Tjeldsundet


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