S-100 Feasibility study

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Following on from our very successful “S-102 Demonstrator” project, we aim to dive deeper into the world of the new S-100 products!

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Operational Test S-129 Tjeldsundet

The Tjeldsundet S-129 Operational Test was carried out with the intention of producing several products built around the S-100 Universal Hydrographic Data Model. Using the products in combination, in one application, we were able to demonstrate the advantages of using compatible S-100 products, in particular the S-129 Under Keel Clearance product, in the navigational planning … More Operational Test S-129 Tjeldsundet

S-100 Demonstrator – Training

S-100 demonstrator training has also taken place, this was organised by ECC and carried out by Kongsberg Digital. The training has proven to be very successful, with a number of delegates taking part and good feedback received.


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