Ship / VesselHAVEN – mmsi: 210288000 – (jackup rig)
Draft18 meters in total
RouteThrough the strait between Gleodden and Lyngøya
Date & Time 03.08.2015 – the voyage through the strait between 06:00 – 07:00 Ground contact occurred around 06:20
Tide+40 cm (Tides are based on the tide table for area – not actual water level at the moment)
Purpose of displaySee how small margins the mission operated under

Display and input during the test

AIS track shows a slightly choppy line, this may be because the vessel was attached to tugboats both forward and aft through the passage.  The AIS information, which the project had access to, did not have information about heading. However, the actual position of the vessel is correctly presented in this view. 

Pilot Carl Ellingsen, started this presentation by updating the test meeting attendees with some additional information. This voyage was not recommended by the NCA as they thought the margins were too small in the passage. This was not taken into account by the vessel owners and they chose to carry out the voyage. 

Chart basis for this area

The basis that is traditionally used is ENC. However, these do not give a very detailed picture of the seabed in this area. 


When using the S-102 dataset in the S-100 Demonstrator, you immediately get a better understanding of the challenges in the area.

S-102 dataset used and displayed in the Demonstrator

There are no sensors placed to measure current in this particular area, despite strong underwater currents. The area also lacks ecact water level gauges.

Display of vessels in the area where the margins were least

Actual consequence

It was revealed in the meeting that an undesirable incident, a ground contact, actually occurred on this voyage. A guard boat had been set out to mark the shallowest point, but it was, unfortunately, incorrectly positioned. There was a strong underwater current in the area (2 rivers emerge in that area). The vessel was cut off from the current as it was about to pass the lowest point and the stern starboard leg (spearhead) struck into the ground.  

Conclusion on display

Pilot Carl Ellingsen said that if they could have had access to such a tool, with this data basis, it would have been easier to convince the shipping company that the voyage was too risky. 

This type of view provides a different understanding of risk. 

If additional information could have been added, it would have been even clearer that this area is exposed to strong currents.