Korsvik, Kristiansand

Assignment PS to Korsvik, Kristiansand 4th June 2021

Area for sailing / assignment Kristiansand

Korsvikfjorden in Kristiansand was identified by the Bergen Agent as the relevant area. The S-100 Demonstrator project already had access to high-resolution data for the area and could therefore contribute to the operation at short notice.

S-102 Datasets

Two S-102 datasets were selected in further connection with the presentation at the planning meeting, and in connection with the preparation and review of the operation for vessels and the Norwegian Coastal Administration. In preparation for this operation, ECC also tested the distribution of S-102 data sets to end-user system “SEAiq”. Furthermore, the display of the data sets in PRIMAR’s map viewer was also tested. None of the tools, services or data have official status in connection with the operation, as they are all currently being used in connection with research in the project only.

The Operation

The operation itself was performed early in the morning on Friday 4th June and was a great success, not least due to very good risk assessment and planning of the operation in advance.

Media Coverage 


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