Using “old” AIS tracks to review margins

Can we use existing AIS tracks and new datasets to review margins in S-100 Demonstrator?

On the 30th of April 2021 we conducted a net based operational test with representatives from Port of Kristiansand, the Norwegian Coastal Administration, “Norske Havner” (Norwegian Ports association) and other Norwegian Ports.

The mission for the operational test was to be able to simulate historical voyages on selected vessels based on historic AIS obtained from the Norwegian Coastal Administration. On the basis of the simulations, we wanted to show that with access to customised tools and new S-100 dataset you can : 

  1. better illustrate and further assess the margins used during sailing
  2. provide knowledge that changed understanding of the situation can contribute to and form the basis for measures
  3. Gather all involved in a common “collaboration and interaction room” where you can discuss the basics and consequences.

Please visit our “Operational Test” site for more detailed information on this particular test (and others).

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