Operational Test – Sleipnir

Navigation of Heerema’s Sleipnir, the world’s largest crane vessel, through narrow waters!

Retrieving and moving a 600 ton riser module from one location to another is no easy task when the equipment being used is the world’s largest crane rig and the module is located along a very difficult, narrow and shallow route.

With an expert team in place comprising ECC, Kongsberg Digital, Kartverket, Norwegian Coastal Administration, Heerema and Heerema’s Client, the project team were able to meet and test various scenarios before deciding on the best option.

Using an S-102 dataset and Kongsberg Digitals S-100 Demonstrator, the crew from Heerema and the pilots from the Norwegian Coastal Administration, were able to simulate the voyage in 3D. With access to the S-102 chart on the SEAiq Pilot App this was also able to be used in conjunction with the route planning of the operation.

To read the full report, watch the video and see some images, click here.

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